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Let Go of Limitations Inspiring people challenging all of us

This is a new feature, a gathering of Hero Minded people, doing great things with the right attitude…hopefully they inspire us to do the same.

Imagine yourself with the following limitations: you’re diagnosed with Spina Bifida and confined to a wheelchair. Or you’re homeless and in need of food, relying on the kindness of others. Now what happens? 

Meet Aaron Fotheringham. Here’s his amazing story:

What limitations have we accepted in our own lives? What do we think we’re not — or no longer — capable of? What are we letting hold us back and why?

I’m not one that says you have to risk knocking out teeth to accomplish something worthwhile in your life, but it’s crucial that we learn to see beyond our limitations and step beyond the invisible boundaries we create in our own minds. Plus, in spite of what most of us would call some pretty huge obstacles, he’s grateful. That’s one of the most crucial qualities to develop Hero Minded muscle and start using it.

Now watch Aaron fail. And fail. And fail:

We don’t often count how many times we will have to fail before we finally succeed. The most crucial element in success is persistence and the attitude we adopt toward failure. How are we ever going to create anything meaningful for others if we can’t bear the inevitable failure we have to absorb and learn from? It is so hard to watch each of Aaron’s falls, but it is amazing to observe and learn from his attitude about falling.

Kameron Pollock made the next film, demonstrating how compassion and empathy work. When you are able to put yourself in another person’s shoes and identify with them, you’re able to do more.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” –Kameron Pollock.

What are we doing to help those that inhabit our lives every day? How are we challenging ourselves to see life through their eyes? How are we empathizing with them and how have we hardened ourselves to protect what we think we might lose? How can we let go of that barrier?

Simply stated, it happens when we decide to do it.

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