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What is your privilege?

How many obstacles are in your way, and how many are not?

Here’s an interesting quiz that allows you to assess (and compare) how you fare in the world of privilege.

A lot of people struggle with that word — because they have struggled. If life wasn’t easy for you, you don’t think of yourself as “privileged.” But it’s likely you were, compared to some.

Here’s another video of “step forward, step back” exercise:

Privilege is not about whether or not you’ve achieved success or not. It’s about the rules you were required to play under. It’s about acknowledging who got a head start — and who didn’t. Who got their wheels greased — and who’s riding on a rusty chassis.

It’s not about shaming you for having privilege — it’s about making you aware, which is the first step to creating the empathy we need to understand the experiences of others in relation to our own. We don’t often get a chance to walk a mile in another’s shoes for real. But listening to someone else’s experience can create real change inside ourselves and in our world.

There is no harm in acknowledging someone else’s pain. And there often is harm when we choose not to be aware.

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