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A Better Kind of Justice Policing Without Punishment

We create laws in the effort to solve the problem of selfishness infringing on the autonomy of others. We want to make the world a fairer and safer place. Laws are usually coupled with punishment when they’re broken. Sometimes there are better ways to solve the problem and accomplish the goal, if we continue to remember the goal is a fairer and safer world. 

Emmett Township Public Safety Officer Ben Hall was thinking outside the box when he pulled over a car near downtown Battle Creek, Michigan. He noticed Lexi DeLorenzo’s 5-year-old daughter in the back seat wearing a seat belt but not riding in a recommended booster seat.

“She was telling me that she hit a rough patch,” Hall recalled. “I know that writing a citation wasn’t going to solve the problem. The biggest thing I wanted to do is give the child a reliable and dependable booster seat and giving someone a ticket is not going to fix that. If I could do something for them, and particularly for the child, to prevent something (bad) from happening, then I’m more than willing to do so.”

“It was an unforgettable experience,” DeLorenzo said. “I’ve never heard of a cop going out of his way — when he could have easily given me a ticket and made things more difficult. He, out of his own pocket and the kindness of his heart, did something to help me.”

That is what community policing looks like. Officer Ben Hall made the Hero Minded choice.

Stories like this go viral because we know this is how life should work, but Hero Minded acts don’t happen as often as they should. We can all change that.

Quotes via Today.

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